Biggest Sign of the Times Square


Some half a million people pass through New York’s Times Square daily — and another 10 million globally see live shots from there via TV. Next month, expect that action to ramp up with the biggest interactive display Times Square has ever seen, smack on the side of the Doubletree Hotel.

The Doubletree’s digital billboard will serve multiple advertisers and be capable of exchanging data transmitted via cell phones and broadcasting HD video feeds. 

The latest twist in digital signage from D3 LED, it’s sure to prove a technology and marketing game-changer for brands who want to make a big impression in one of not just New York’s, but the planet’s, premier retail showcases.[more]

“Digital technology empowers the advertiser to leverage that technology to provide an interactive branding experience,” says the firm’s managing partner, Jason Barak.

It was 1996 when Morgan Stanley unveiled the first LED billboard in Times Square. Today, more than 50 brands compete for the digital limelight at the crossroads of the world.

Since it was founded in 2005, D3 LED has been a leading disruptive display force and is considered the dominant player in innovation, design, performance and service. The company’s breakthrough signage in Times Square includes the Walgreens Spectacular, ABC Super Sign and M&M World Displays.

D3’s earlier interactive signage has already proved a big wow there: an LED display on the Forever 21 flagship retail store, which replaced the former Virgin superstore in Times Square, has set a new standard for digital signage, even mirroring the crowds gathered beneath it:

As you can see above, a model at the store’s opening snapped Polaroid pictures of the crowd, which she then displays on the screen. The Times Square Alliance had to set-up crowd control as gawking crowds blocked the flow of traffic. 

“Most ads people look at for three to six seconds,” comments Billy Jurewicz, founder of Space150, the Minneapolis-based agency that designed the Forever 21 display for D3. “Ours is an average of 10 minutes.” 

D3’s custom design expertise is already abundant in Times Square. “After building the 17,000 square foot Walgreens display in 2008, we didn’t expect anything could top that,” said D3 managing partner George Pappas.

“Forever 21 brought us an amazing, yet extremely complex design. Our engineering team delivered some progressive solutions that met the design, without compromise,” added Pappas.

Now, D3 displays are promoting brand awareness around the world, including installations in Abu Dhabi, New Zealand and Kazakhstan. 


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