Scrabble-Rousing: Mattel Shakes Up Classic Game


My word! In case you haven’t been keeping up, Scrabble isn’t your grandfather’s Scrabble any more.

In France, a new edition of the most popular word game in history is now available: Scrabble Délire (“Delirium”), in which pretty much anything — backwards words, proper nouns, placing words anywhere on the board — goes.

Naturally, a kooky reinvention of the game deserves a delightfully delirious campaign to match. Shot in an empty apartment block, it evokes how Délire’s chaotic gameplaying — including Gulliver and a dragon, a huffy princess, and clownish characters — could (in fact, should) shake up diehard fans of the original game.

While there’s no English-language version of the Scrabble mash-up (yet), it’s not the first time the game has been taken for a joyride. Check out Mattel’s (mildly) racy 2009 campaign after the jump.[more]

Like the Scrabble Délire campaign, the 2009 Beautiful Word campaign for the game was created by Ogilvy Paris, and expands on a series of print ads: