Desigual shares the love, flash mob-style


Desigual is urging its fans to share the love. ”Happy Hunters,” a new marketing initiative from the Spanish clothing brand, calls itself a web-based flash mob, and adapts the tactics of a flash mob event to the blogosphere. The Happy Hunters – Desigual fans who sign up and participate – are eligible to receive Desigual clothes as a reward for leaving positive comments on selected blog posts.

Who’s selecting? Desigual, natch. But it’s still a cool campaign with a three-way tie for win (the bloggers get more comments and eyeballs, Desigual gets mob marketing cred, and the Happy Hunters stand to add some sweet rags to their closets.

Here’s how it works: You simply sign-up on the “Happy Hunters” link on the brand’s website and choose one of the stylish items from the Desigual line as your desired reward. Meanwhile Desigual chooses posts from a carefully selected number of popular blogs, then in effect assigns a particular post to you, the Happy Hunter. You get an alert, and Desigual directs you to a particular blog where you will post your enthusiastic comments and rave about the brand — note that these sites are strategically selected across the web and are not Desigual’s own blogs.[more]

Once Happy Hunter members post their positive comments on the blog selected, they wait for to see if they made it to the first 100 cut. Brand enthusiasts amongst the 100 lucky ones get a reply from the blogger and win the clothing item they picked. All Happy Hunters also get a discount of 20 percent at, making the whole effort a total win-win deal not only for the fast and persistent but all participants.

Happy Hunters will help expand brand awareness by reaching out to other bloggers alike Desigual fans. As an act of kindness, the initiative is quite attractive and the model has great potential spread out to other brands: telling someone you love what you love for a much wanted piece of clothing you know you will love – “free?”

It’s a pretty smart – and beautifully packaged – campaign to expand brand awareness. It lures the Happy Hunter with a brand voice that evokes sharing the love and spreading warmth and kindness across the Internet. And it’s rendered in Desigual’s distinctive visual style – warm and groovy, yet stylish and on point, Instead of using the usual “buddy list” social media strategy of Facebook and Twitter, Desigual went for the “Blue Ocean Strategy” — and with the first “flash mob” initiative completed and another one underway, the results are certifiably groovy.