Dog Brand Bites Man


What’s more strange, that Robert Downey, Jr. is the voice of Mr. Peanut, or that Mr. Peanut is now flesh and blood? (above)

From the Dept. of No Self-Awareness: Man calls out ad agencies for “pointless” rebranding campaigns, calling them “the equivalent of a scam.” Man himself will continue to be a professional advertising critic.

Old Spice Guy + Anchor Man Ron Jeremy = Northstar Resort at Tahoe commercial.

Yale mocks Harvard, via Facebook (references).

Art Director Study Break: “Ridiculous Vintage Men’s Magazine Covers.”

Following the announcement from Gucci, Oakley and Calvin Klein will also be releasing snazzy 3D glasses.

BP should probably have Tony Hayward secretly assassinated. [more]

Chevy ad in China envisions a game of Pac Man played with Cruze models (below) But why isn’t one yellow?

For some folks, fascism never really goes out of style: Copyranter points us to a possible expansion on our Hitler and Mao in Advertising Gallery. Seems somebody thought using Stalin for a prostate cancer awareness campaign was funny.

Burger Lab looks at urban legend that McDonald’s hamburgers don’t rot because they are somehow “gross.” Conclusion: Where’s the beef?

Whirlpool unveils 100th Anniversary logo.

Finally, the spot for the latest version of the video game “Call of Duty.” Great commercial or greatest commercial?