Brandcameo Product Placement Watch: Alison Sweeney Is Your Product Placement Queen While Bones Switches Teams


Think product placement in prime time TV and films is bad? Try some from daytime soaps like Days of Our Lives. While you’re trying that, why not also try some Wanchai Ferry “Chinese food!” (above)[more]

Apparently, Days of Our Lives excels at confirming all the worst complaints about the practice of product placement. There’s Chex Mix. There is Midol. And then, Cheerios (below).

With her role on Days and as host of product placement vehicle Biggest Loser, could Allison Sweeney be the queen of TV product placement? She’s certainly getting attention for it.

You yourself can “crowbar in” product placement for Land Rover, who is looking for an “Events and Product Placement Specialist” in New Jersey.

Last week we noted that both Bing and the Windows Phone 7 had rocked up some serious placement on the new Hawaii Five-O. Finally, here’s video of that:

But it looks like Southern Pacific cop shows aren’t the only cop shows where Windows phones are muscling in on Apple iPhone placement territory. One tweeter says Bones is now PC. Another blogger offers a screengrab of that exact placement. Alternatively, here’s the whole scene:

Funny, because we can remember when Bones was all about the Apple products (below).

All this Microsoft advertising UPSET HULK. WINDOWS PRO-DUC PLACE-MENT BAD. HULK SMASH! However, the wildly gratuitious Apple placement may continue without comment.

Three steps for matching a product with a video game placement: “… if a video game takes place in a fantasy world within an underground cavernous wasteland, it might be disconcerting for players to encounter real-world brands within the game.”

Finally, fun blog Worst Product Placement has put together an impressive collection of product placement in HBO’s Prohibition Era Boardwalk Empire: Rolls Royce. Vogue. Chesterfield. Gillette. Campbells. Get a look at America at the beginning of branding: