Eau de Gaga: Coty Signs Lady Gaga for Perfume


This is one perfume that won’t be scented by wallflowers: Coty and the ever-outrageous Lady Gaga have announced a partnership to develop a fragrance that is expected to launch in spring 2012.

Lady Gaga will be Creative Director (a role that seems to be a staple in her endorsements) of the fragrance brand and the Coty Beauty Division will work closely with her and her Haus of Gaga team in creating the scent. 

Long anticipated, we can’t wait to see how they are going to distill “the brilliance of Lady Gaga into a fragrance that delivers a breathtaking olfactory experience,” as Steve Mormoris, SVP of global marketing for Coty Beauty, gushed in a press release.

 “A force like no other, Lady Gaga is explosive, provocative and sexy, three traits which pave the way for an extraordinary fragrance experience for consumers,” declared Coty CEO Bernd Beetz (a name that may have clinched the deal for the pop star).[more]

Lady Gaga may be “explosive,” but do you want a scent that you actually wear to be? Or one that’s “breathtaking?” Yikes.

The announcement follows on the heels of a number of female celebrities announcing or releasing signature fragrances, including Taylor Swift, Britney Spears (“Fantasy”), Fergie (“Outspoken”), Jessica Simpson (“Fancy”) and Beyoncé (“Heat”).

Lady Gaga’s scent has yet to have a name, but we certainly have some suggestions:

Bad Romance: Dominated by convenience-store carnations, with notes of lingering disappointment and a hint of low self-esteem.
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich: Opens with gold-leafed roses, joined by essence of filthy behavior and a touch of burnt $1,000-dollar bills.
Freezerburn: Top notes of musk fading to frozen ground beef and ornamented with traces of a cold, cold world.

We will have to wait and see whether Lady Gaga’s perfume can generate the most important scent: the sweet smell of success.