Brandcameo Product Placement Watch: Donuts, Phones and The Green Hornet


After racking up big-screen product placements in hit number one films Kick-Ass, Paranormal Activity 2, The Town, and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps this year, it appears Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t slowing down. The new trailer for the April 2011 sci-fi thriller Source Code features a mind-bending plot… and a delicious bag of Dunkin’ bear claws (above). Check out more movie and TV product placements after the jump.[more]

NBC’s Chuck, a show one saved by product placement from Subway, shows brands how its done. If you’re going to sell something onscreen, well then, sell it damnit.

Elsewhere, all your product placement are belong to the Windows Phone. Here’s just one of numerous recent placements in the ABC series Castle:

If you think phone product placement in American prime time TV is bad, try the just released Bollywood hit Break Ke Baad. The romcom features a long distance relationship that is kept alive by… Zen Mobile! The product placement is so extensive that Zen Mobile has begin running commercials drawing attention to its starring role:

A video game actually gets less product placement: “Product placement in the original brought a sense of familiarity, bridging the real world with the virtual world. Neglecting to include any brand names in the game was a major let down, and seemed lazy considering they opted to keep Pizza Hut’s building structure…”

Finally, as the airwaves flood with ads for January’s much-anticipated reboot of The Green Hornet, fan concerns about how much the film will re-imagine of the legendary hero remain unanswered. But one question all the recent trailers do answer is if the film will feature lots of product placement. (The answer is yes … yes it will.)

Motorcycle message boards have already buzzed about the appearance of a customized Harley-Davidson V-Rod “Muscle” in the film’s trailer. But beyond that, booze appears to be the placement of choice (an odd choice for a film likely shooting for a PG-13 rating). From the trailer alone, we have seen Belvedere vodka (mixed with Red Bull no less) and fridges full of Corona:

This abundance of commercial beer placement may strike many as odd coming from a director with indie film bona fides. But Michel Gondry has put bottles prominently onscreen before. France’s indie darling filled his 2008 film Be Kind Rewind with the King of Beers:

Spot any other interesting product placements in TV or movies? Post a comment below!