Ducati Design Contest: Have Yourself a Crowdsourced Little Christmas


Holiday cards are a fun way for brands to communicate their essence, their social responsibility, their social media savvy.

The latter is what’s driving Ducati, which is roaring onto the crowdsourcing bandwagon with a new contest for the design of its email Christmas card.[more]

The Italian motorcycle brand will reward the lucky creator of the new design with a €1,000 (about $1,300) prize. Other winners will have their work displayed on Ducati’s website and other online media.

Hosting the contest, which runs through Dec. 9, is shicon.com, which urges contest participants to “Keep it simple. Keep it sober. Keep it branded,” and to follow Ducati’s corporate image and brand values. Contestants may use any image from the Ducati website in their designs.

With the mantra “Keep it simple. Keep it sober. Keep it branded,” participants are also given several no-nos: Strong religious references, depictions of cold and snowy weather (You mean it’s not snowy everywhere in December?), dangerous behavior “like wheelie, speed, inadequate clothing” and references to famous people: “absolutely no Valentino Rossi.” Got that? No. Valentino. Rossi.

While contests for corporate designs are nothing new, online media make entering such a contest highly accessible and also allows for more interactive participation. In this contest, for example, Ducati fans can check out the design submissions and vote on their favorites. The final winner, however, will be determined by Ducati judges.


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