Harry Potter and the Deathly Limited Edition Dress


Brandcameo has already examined how this week’s repeat number one film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, is largely devoid of brands. However, it seems that there were a couple of brands we missed because, while onscreen, they were wearing James Potter’s invisibility cloak. [more]

The red dress worn by Hermione in the wedding sequence is turning out to be a much sought after little number. The dress was designed by Jenny Packham and it is available on the designer’s website. But you had better hurry up (and bring a full wallet) because a representative for Packham told us they could not comment on any details regarding the dress, including available stock or price.

The other placement that we missed was for Avon Tyres, which, we hear, were visible on Hagrid’s motorcycle — a Royal Enfield, as it turns out.

Avon’s press release exclaims, “Avon’s Global Motorcycle Sales Manager Graham Matcham said, ‘We’ve had a long relationship with Royal Enfield, as we are the original equipment tyre supplier to this legendary motorcycle manufacturer. We don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but obviously we’re overjoyed that our tyres helped Harry give the Death Eaters the slip during part of the film, while also giving the bike maximum grip and longevity.'”

Ladies and gentlemen, that is how one leverages a film role that most, including us, missed.


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