Pixar’s Latest Faux Brand: Allinol, Coming to ‘Cars 2’


The trailer for Pixar’s sequel to Cars — called, wait for it, Cars 2 — is out and it’s full of brands. Except, in keeping with Pixar tradition, those brands are not real. One product-placed “brand” in particular is all over the place, but what does it mean?[more]

Pixar is well known for creating fake brands for its films — and as we noted earlier, its penchant for creating parody brands is influencing Disney’s marketing for its final animated fairytale feature.

A few of Pixar’s beloved faux brands: there’s Dinoco, a fictional oil company that has appeared in the first Cars film as well as Toy Story and Wall-E. Buy n Large (BnL) originated in Wall-E and migrated to Up and Toy Story 3. A Pizza Planet eatery pops up in nearly every Pixar film.

Lightyear Tires, a brand playing on both real life tire-maker Goodyear and Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear, appeared in Cars. The film even featured a Goodyear-esque blimp with the “Lightyear” label, and it looks like Lightyear tires will be back for Cars 2:

The brand that appears everywhere in the new Cars 2 trailer (top) is Allinol, which even obsessed Cars fans have never seen before. Nothing at all seems to be known about Allinol. Is it a fuel? Is it a play on all-in-all? Check out the Cars 2 trailer below and a sampling of the heaps of Allinol product placements to be seen:


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