Brands Turn (RED), Celebs Turn Dead for World AIDS Day


Stars and brands are aligning to promote World AIDS Day. In addition to Lady Gaga and other celebrities’ “digital death” social media log-off (above) spearheaded by Alicia Keys, Annie Lennox was named London’s “HIV Ambassador” and released a PSA for World AIDS Day.  

Bono kicked off the (RED) campaign to virtually and physically “turn the world red” today (the message: an HIV-free generation of babies by 2015) with a kick-off event in Sydney, and a reminder that brands including Nike, Starbucks, Gap, American Express and Armani create and sell products exclusively for (RED) year-round.[more]

MTV is turning (RED) today, while Starbucks is donating money for every view of an exclusive video by the Killers — posted here at noon EST. (RED) is also painting social media red today via an avatar campaign with Foursquare, Twitter, Meetup and Facebook.

Nike has been an ardent supporter of (RED) beyond the World Cup, expanding its Write the Future campaign with an #EndAIDS initiative that continues on Twitter today.

Beyond (RED), M.A.C. Cosmetics has long been aligned with AIDS campaigning, while NBC, Walgreens, the NBA and others are joining forces for the Greater Than AIDS effort promoting awareness and testing in America’s urban communities.

Recent Project Runway runner-up Mondo Guerra lent his design skills to an amFAR-supporting t-shirt fundraiser on Gap’s today, a partnership promoted by PiperLime celeb stylist Rachel Zoe.