Jameson Juice Box Irks, Intrigues “Sons of Anarchy” Viewers


San Francisco blog Uptown Almanac caught a recent product placement, one which it calls potentially “one of the most significant liquor industry game-changers since the 21st amendment.” Except, the product doesn’t seem to exist. But should it?[more]

The blog posted the above screenshot from the most recent episode of the US biker drama, Sons of Anarchy, which runs on the Fox/News Corp.-owned FX cable network. 

Yes, that would appear to be a Jameson Whiskey “juice box” — a single-serving form of packaging typically designed for young ‘uns not long past using a sippy cup.

As Uptown notes, the product doesn’t seem to be available anywhere. Yet, that isn’t stopping many from looking for it.

One answer is that the product has never, and will never, exist. Jameson is a major advertiser on the series, and it’s likely the placement was an exclusive one-off custom art department special just for the brand.

Of course, booze has been available in juicebox form for some time, especially, wine. And Sons of Anarchy is no stranger to product placement, having been a huge beneficiary of Harley-Davidson marketing largess, from which Harley has benefitted handsomely.

In fact, we would guess the Harley-Anarchy placement arrangement to be one of the most fluid and successful in the last decade.

So perhaps Jameson should consider bringing such packaging to market. After all, booze-in-a-box is popular in other nations; and within the alcoholic beverage industry, there appears to be a trend afoot to produce spirits aimed at adult children.


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