Brand Bites: Toxic Avenger Edition


Well, that was fast. Yesterday, NASA announced a new toxic (arsenic-based) lifeform; Purell‘s response, above. More fun with Brand Bites, after the jump.[more]

• “Clickthroughs,” he writes, “are an indicator of the blindness, senility or idiocy of readers rather than the effectiveness of the ads.” If you only read one post about the looming shake-up to his web empire by Gawker Media blogul Nick Denton, make it this one.

• From the Dept. of Work What You Got: “BIC Grip Roller pen was the most popular promotional pen sold in 2010 to escrow officers, title insurers, mortgage loan officers and real estate attorneys.”

• Will Playboy be able to “get it up” sooner than expected?

• Are you a Belgian Citroën nerd with a young child? Then this is for you.

State Farm‘s “Mayhem Like Me” campaign gets into the holiday spirit with its oddest entry in an already odd series (above). Unique, to be sure — but does anyone hate these commercials? Does anyone love them?

• Brand-related headline of the week: “Rebranding Poop as a Resource.

• “The country is increasingly unstable, and is becoming a very risky place in which to invest.” High-end bottled water brand Fiji to leave Fiji?

PETA picks fight with Super Meat Boy. Super Meat Boy responded on Twitter (below). Background, with an emphasis on “ground,” here.

• One restaurant brand toasts its opening… with toast! Genius.

• Singapore sets out to rebrand its Chinese New Year festivals.

Marble King brand of marbles experiences “Colbert Bump.” Meanwhile, Big Richard brand of condoms bumps fists with the Pope.

• Rebranding Watch: Disney‘s Celebration.

Conan rocks the big boy version of jiapers: jeggings for men:

• Does your favorite basketball player wear Li Ning TS Commander LTs or Nike Zoom Hyperfuses? This insane (er, handy) database has the scoop.

• Six degrees of awesome advertising: Google TV, in partnership, Logitech serves the Bacon, fries it up with some ham:

• Hollywood action director Michael Bay directed a Victoria’s Secret commercial (below). So what does it say about Bay that this looks like every other Victoria’s Secret commercial? Our opinion: Needs more product placement!