Brand Building: From 3D to 4D, Brands Go to the Wall to Grab Attention


Forget static billboards. Brands are bringing the interactivity of the web to the real world, with interactive video installations projected on walls, buildings and pretty much any surface where they want passersby to stop and not just take a look, but engage.

Honda created an interactive dream wall at last month’s Australian auto show, an extension of its more traditional TV and online advertising down under. But it’s the marketers who are putting the “building” in “brand building” by projecting interactive animations on a massive scale that are really stopping traffic.[more]

Also known as 3D architectural projection mapping, a number of brands have staged large-scale interactive events on this scale.

H&M, for instance, last week turned its flagship store in Amsterdam into a surreal holiday fairytale: 

Sony promoted The Tourist, a thriller starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, with a 3D projection last week in downtown Dallas:

Samsung staged the first 3D projection in Amsterdam:

Ralph Lauren staged the first 4D fashion shows, with simultaneous events in New York and London last month:

The Guggenheim museum in New York projected the winning videos from its YouTube Play collaboration:

Target’s fall 2010 New York fashion spectacular brought the Standard Hotel to life:

And here is Asia’s first interactive 3D projection, staged by BMW in Singapore in May: