Come Rain or Shine, and Especially Bad Weather: Jeep Drives Innovation


It’s snowy and chilly in Europe right now, and Vibrant Media is capitalizing on it with a new in-text campaign for the Compact Jeep Patriot.

Using a real-time API weather feed linked to a user’s IP address, the campaign targets drivers who are reading up on the tempestuous UK weather.

A contextual ad specialist, Vibrant’s use of local textual targeting with this campaign is a global first.[more]

To see how it works, click on the underlined “bad weather” hyperlink in this sample article. Three variations can be served up depending on local conditions.

For snow: “Oh Hello Snow: I’d been hoping you’d stop by”; for rainy conditions: “Downpour: You are the most perfect driving condition.” And if the weather is actually fine or sunny, a teaser call: “Bad Weather: Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

“Our overall campaign is about a brand truth that Jeep drivers are happy drivers come rain or shine, the worse the weather is the better though – because they can take advantage of the 4×4 performance of the Jeep in any type of driving conditions,” says Naveen Dayal, Marketing Communications Manager of Chrysler Jeep.



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