Brands Get A Piece Of Tron


The lasting “legacy” in this week’s upcoming release of Tron: Legacy may be its marketing tie-ins. Brandcameo has already looked at the Ducati, Apple, Coors and Motorola product placements onscreen. But offscreen, there is far more to Tron‘s marketing partnerships, thanks to a raft of licensing deals. Far, far more.[more]

A Tron keyboard seems the perfect product tie-in to a film about a computer’s guts. This version by Razer includes a mouse.

But maybe you are a little more old-school than a gaming keyboard and mouse. Yet you still want to add some Tron to your life? How a bout the TronLight Runner glow-in-the-dark” pen?


A Tron watch is easily one of the most obvious product tie-ins. This 7RON (Seven-R-Zero-N) certainly looks worthy of the Tron world. But it’s just a prototype.

The above Coke Zero ad proves that where the original Tron featured a Pepsi product placement (below), Tron: Legacy is partnering with Coca-Cola.

The above Audi “e-tron” ads are over a year old. Does this mean we should expect to see an Audi product placement in Tron: Legacy itself? Audi has proven itself a fan of sci-fi roles before — most notably in I, Robot — but this Tron: Legacy clip doesn’t look like an Audi to us.


The “Monster® TRON iPod Identity Disc Dock” is currently out of stock at A good sign?

Do lightcycle riders in the Tron world need insurance?

Surprisingly, the above commercial for the Kyocera Neo Light phone came out over year ago. While Nokia is the official phone brand tie-in for Tron: Legacy, this Kyocera model looks Trontastic.

Above is a Nike commercial from a few years ago by Joseph Kosinski, the man who would go on to direct Tron: Legacy. See any similarities?

The above shirt from Opening Ceremony is part of the hip New York fashion retailer’s Tron: Legacy collection. Price: $280. Discuss.

No, Tony Hawk does not have a cameo in Tron: Legacy. The above commercial was part of the Sci-Fi channel’s 1999 image campaign.

The apex of Tron marketing actually happened four years ago. The Honda Civic commercial, below, was perfect because it leveraged Tron nostalgia before leveraging Tron nostalgia became saturated with Tron: Legacy tie-ins.


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