Tron iPad iAd: An Ad For Tron: Legacy, or Apple?


From Ducati to Coke Zero to Coors to Progressive Insurance, we’ve been looking at the brands lining up for co-marketing opportunities with this weekend’s theatrical release of Tron: Legacy.

But one brand’s co-marketing effort is as much “Tron” as a Tron marketing. We’re talking about how Apple is using Tron: Legacy to showcase its iPad iAd platform. Today, Tron: Legacy iAds began showing up on people’s iPads. Is this the future, or just an impressive light show?[more]

TechCrunch describes the iAd platform as “almost as if you’re in an app within an app.” The Tron iAds (at top), are an impressive use of rich media to create a full in-depth advertising experience. In fact, in a odd bit of irony, the buzz around the iPad Tron ad seems to be tipping more in favor of Apple’s iAd system, set to go big time in 2011, than this weekend’s release of the film, the thing the iAds are meant to draw attention to.

Of course, this looks great with a brand property like Tron. But how sexy will the iAd platform look for, say, dishwashing detergent? As with all advertising, the medium is but a frame where execution and ideas remain the crucial element of success.


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