Hyundai Equus Woos with Free iPad, Dulcet Voice of Jeff Bridges


With a tagline of “Rethink everything,” Hyundai is rethinking the owner’s manual with its 2011 Equus.

Each luxury vehicle sold comes with a 16GB iPad featuring the Equus Experience app. The free download aims to teach new owners “everything you need to know through demonstration videos, interactive product and safety demonstrations.” With spinning wheels, headlight demos, virtual driving and other interactive elements, it aims to be more engaging than the typical owner’s manual.

What’s also rolling: new spots for the Equus, featuring voiceovers by actor Jeff Bridges — nice timing, in light of Disney’s upcoming premiere of Tron: Legacy. Check out Mr. Auto-ma-Tron after the jump.[more]

Bridges, the voice of Hyundai, follows up on his live Hyundai ad at last month’s L.A. Auto Show with a trio of new spots touting some perks of the $58,000 premium luxury sedan. The new spots tout the luxury model’s version of a home theater system, all inclusive 5-year warranty (owners just pay for gas and tires) and valet service. And don’t forget that free iPad: