Tron-Mania Seizes SensoTouch 3D Razor


The legacy of Tron: Legacy may indeed be the film’s incredible marketing coattails, as Abe Sauer suggests. What is it about this 3D sci-fi flick that’s making marketers jump on the Tron-wagon, even the already trendy iPad?

Disney’s son of Tron offers eye candy galore, gee-whiz special FX, videogame cred, French electro-chic in Daft Punk and the red-hot Jeff Bridges. Something, you might say, for everyone this holiday season.

So add Philips Norelco to the list of brands getting their Tron on, a line-up that already includes Coke Zero, Coors, Ducati, Progressive Insurance and Razer.[more]

The maker of the new Senso Touch 3D electric razor is offering tickets to an advance screening of Tron: Legacy via a special website that includes a rebate offer, the ability to “customize your photo into the world of Tron,” and a sweepstakes with a $10,000 prize.

Philips Norelco marketing VP Jacopo D’Alessandris tells Marketing Daily that “We recognized an opportunity to reach the Senso Touch 3D target by capitalizing on the buzz already surrounding this film, as they share the same audience.” (If you’re doubtful that most Tron-goers even shave yet, don’t forget the fans of the first film and parents in the audience.)

D’Alessandris adds, “Similar to the high energy and technology of Tron, Senso Touch 3D is our most technologically advanced shaver yet.” And it’s a nice touch that the product has “3D” in its name, too.

As for promotion, it will be largely via online advertising and the microsite. D’Alessandris anticipates movie buzz to also help, indicating that it will “position Philips Norelco as a game-changing force in electric shaving.” He says, “By linking ourselves with such a buzz-worthy property, we’ve been able to generate excitement for SendoTouch 3D organically.”

Of course Disney, who’s releasing the movie, is a master of brand marketing, as evidenced by the 38 (count ’em) Tron-related items in their online store. The studio must be positively giddy about so many marketers trying to leverage the return of Tron for their own brands.

Even with mixed reviews, the movie will no doubt prevail at the box office and see a turbo-boost from all the cross-promotion — so it may actually be Disney with the most to gain from all these brands forging Tron tie-ins.


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