Appy Holidays from Absolut


Absolut wants to make downloading Drinkspiration, its iTunes cocktail guide app for the iPhone and iPad, as easy as pouring a stiff one.

The vodka brand has introduced a Quick Response (QR) neck collar on 200,000 bottles of Absolut and Absolut Naturals. The technology allows consumers to wave the collar over their iPhones and instantly download the app for free.[more] 

Launched in 2009 as a website, Absolut Drinkspiration in its app version leverages mobile technology with social media interaction to provide a storehouse of illustrated recipes and recommendations. 

The app gets a thumbs up in iTunes customer reviews for features such as the ability to e-mail shopping lists for drink ideas, and suggesting cocktails to mix from ingredients at home. 

While using mobile applications to get consumers in the door to buy products is all the rage, Absolut’s use of QR represents a twist: using the real-life product to get consumers to engage digitally.

Dan Reuby, customer development director, Pernod Ricard UK, comments: “This QR code technology neck collar represents something genuinely innovative and interesting in-store … the application will add another dimension to Christmas gatherings, while reinforcing our brand philosophy that doing things differently leads to something exceptional.”

In Absolut’s case, this isn’t just PR talk. Hardly a week goes by without news of something interesting that the brand is doing. Where Absolut goes, others are sure to follow soon.