Heineken: Now *This* is How to Enter a Party


Heineken’s new TV commercial, “The Entrance,” features its new global tagline — “Open your world” — and some Jackie Chan-meets-Sam Rockwell moves that inspired one YouTuber to comment, “What a guy, what a brand!” Related scenes from this campaign, which also sets up, subtly, its new bottle design, are after the jump.[more]

Now running in Europe, this campaign will replace a controversial spot where women were referred to as “prey” (which was switched to “prize,” at least in the US). More spots related to the brand’s new global campaign:

Pre-party, “Kung Fu Comeback” — description: “Revenge takes a lifetime.”

At the party, “Duet” — two guests and a piano.

“Big in Wonderland” — pro basketball player guests crash in a kid’s room.