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We’ve been deluged with end-of-the-year “best of lists,” including best ad/marketing campaigns of 2010 and social media accolades. We particularly like how Ad Age meshes both in a list that highlights how social cause-related marketing came of age this year for brands, encompassing serious social campaigns, do-good initiatives, geo-location outreach, environmental awareness – and pure entertainment that even Grover wanted to copy.[more]

Making Ad Age‘s year-end list:

Red Cross for Haiti

This text relief campaign began less than 24 hours after the earthquake, which killed an estimated 230,000 people, hit. Within 36 hours, more than $4 million was raised, making this the most successful fundraising effort in the history of texting.

It Gets Better

Seattle-based “Savage Love” columnist Dan Savage started this initiative in response to a rash of bully-related gay teen suicides that swept the country in summer and fall. The It Gets Better website, created to share stories, has over 5,000 user-generated video uploads including those from President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber and Glee star Jane Lynch.

Pepsi Refresh

Pepsi awarded $1.3 million a month to grant winners…for doing good. Find out more in our story by Barry Silverstein.

In the pure advertainment category:

Old Spice Guy

Isaiah Mustafa’s viral commercials redefined viral in a marketing coup for P&G, as the most popular one garnered 26 million views since February. The social media response element, however, is what really raised this to benchmark status.

General Electric

GE’s “Tag Your Green” campaign, soliciting green ideas from the public as part of its “ecomagination” initiative, generated 10 million views after an October launch.


The first “Happiness Machine” video garnered 3 million page views, and caught fire on college campuses.


Austin Craig’s videos made halitosis on trend. The daily videos have surpassed 30 million total views, and ‘The Bad Breath Detector’ iPhone app includes comments like, “I’ve never wanted to be flossed so much in my life.”

All in all, a stellar year for social media. Any standouts you’d add to the list?


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