PepsiCo’s Success Pumps Up Gas Station TV


The operators of Gas Station TV have been touting the effectiveness of their unusual medium for a few years now. They provide news updates, short-format programming and advertising at thousands of pumps in more than 100 of the biggest US markets through 13 of the nation’s leading gas retailers.

And now, PepsiCo has confirmed what “GSTV” has been saying. GSTV was named winner of the Best Retail Marketing Campaign of 2010 at the Pepsi Media Summit.[more]

The GSTV was effective in working with PepsiCo to market brands including Pepsi, Amp Energy drink, Amp Energy Juice, and Lipton Brisk – just steps away from where consumers could purchase the beverages in the station’s convenience store.

Amp Energy purchase intent increased 277% and brand top-of-mind-awareness grew by 213% after a campaign via GSTV last year, Nielsen research (which tracks out-of-home viewing) showed. GSTV’s content partners include NBCU, ESPN and AccuWeather.

About 27 million Americans per month see some GSTV content, says the Birmingham, Mich.-based startup. CEO David Leider and other GSTV executives note that this makes their screens the nation’s most-watched TV “network.”

With results like GSTV has achieved for PepsiCo, expect to see TV-watching at more and more pumps.

Thankfully, gawking at GSTV programming shouldn’t cause lines — it generally loops after several minutes.