Case study: Vaseline and Contextual Advertising


In-text advertising can be a balm to brands. So says Vibrant, a US-based specialist in premium contextual advertising solutions, that shared with us the results from a recent campaign with Vaseline.

The firm’s recent online campaign for Unilever’s Vaseline Intensive Rescue brand scored in five key metrics, according to Vibrant: brand awareness and favorability; message recall; purchase consideration and share of mind against other brands.

Creating interactive custom content where the target audience (women, in particular moms) would be browsing online (such as, Vibrant employed in-text advertising used a scrolling section below a Vaseline-sponsored video player, encouraging users to explore the full product range.[more]

On-screen use of hyperlinked words like “skincare,” “moisturizer” and “skin conditions” was quantitatively successful:

  • Brand awareness – 59% uplift
  • Brand favorability – 8.6% uplift
  • Recall of brand message – 15% uplift
  • Purchase consideration – 20% uplift
  • Share of mind vs. competitors’ brands – Ranked 1st 

“Consumers respond well to in-text advertising as they can decide when they interact with the brand, how much information they want to receive – and initiate the communications themselves,” says Vibrant co-founder and CEO Doug Stevenson.

A panel of 200 women, age 25-45, participated in the research conducted by Dynamic Logic. Split into two groups, 100 saw the in-text advertising and another 100 in a control group did not. 

“The results of the survey have proven contextual advertising is effective across key marketing criteria,” adds Stevenson.


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