Heineken Opens the World to Viral Hit


Heineken has a bona fide viral hit on its hands with “The Entrance” (above), which debuted in December and garnered more than 3 million views within three weeks of being posted on the brand’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

Now the video is at the center of the brand’s first global campaign in five years, jumping from the web to TV and cinema screens worldwide in the first quarter.[more]

Marking the debut of the brand’s new “Open Your World” tagline, the freewheeling spot aims to show the brand’s “open-minded nature.”

It features Eric Monjoin charming his way past an oil baron, kung fu assassin and others, ending up onstage with The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, a Danish pop band whose single, The Golden Age, is used in the ad.  

“Heineken wants to elevate our drinkers by showing aspirational behavior — our consumer knows how to navigate the world, is confident, open-minded and resourceful,” says spokeswoman Tara Carraro to Ad Age.

Also helping drive viral views: a dozen related videos (below) that play up individual partygoers in the cast of Wes Anderson-like eclectic characters that dot the video, providing a backstory and richer tapestry for the action. 

Rehearsed and shot over a week in Barcelona, Spain more than 280 actors were cast to show the global reach of the brand.


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