At the Movies: Adam Sandler Offers an Education In Product Placement


This weekend promises more product placement than you can shake a stick at. We’ll look at the competing titles after the jump, as well as Adam Sandler odd fascination with college t-shirts.

But first, a new trailer for Trust sees Apple landing a ton of product placement. Except, given the film is all about sex offenders on the Internet, we wonder if it might be one film Apple might not want to be attached to. [more]

This weekend’s box office will be determined either by model Brooklyn Decker’s overabundance of womanness or signer Justin Bieber’s lack of maleness. The Bieb verses the Andy Roddick’s wife.

But first, the other films. Set in ancient Rome, The Eagle promises no product placement. Meanwhile, set in Cedar Rapids, Cedar Rapids promise all kinds of placement. From a scene celebrating the luxury of a Chevy rental car to Budweiser, Cedar Rapids promises the kind of brand jokes now typical of over-the-top absurdist comedies.

Gnomeo and Juliet is a retelling of Shaespear’s classic love tale through the world of garden gnomes. As far as we know, Travelocity had nothing to do with the production.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never opens this weekend.

That Youtube trailer already has 4.5 million views, a larger audience than has seen Jack Black’s Gulliver’s Travels since its release. The Bieb will probably win the weekend and since the film is a documentary about a teenager we expect more brands than we can probably track. The big question, will the movie be better than his Best Buy Super Bpwl commercial? (If you’re over 13, probably not.)

That brings us to Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler movies and product placement go together like Adam Sandler movies and blunt force trauma to male testicles.

We have already looked at how previews for the latest Sandler film, Just Go With It, blurred out Pepsi cans. In that piece we also looked at some of the most memorable product placements in Sandler films, from Subway in Happy Gilmore to Gatorade in The Water Boy to Sony Ericsson in Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

Just Go With It
will no doubt find places for brands, likely working a few into the plot. More interesting will be which college t-shirts Sandler chooses to show-off onscreen.

See, for years now Adam Sandler has made a thing of wearing a wide variety of t-shirts (and a few hats) for various universities in his films. This habit really really went wild on his last film Grown Ups. Below, a sampling:

University of Los Angeles (UCLA)

University of Kentucky.


University of Connecticut.

University of Massachusetts.

University of New Hamspshire. Sandler lived in New Hampshore for some time as a child.

University of Rhode Island

UCLA Bruins.

And in his latest film, we already know Sandler sports an New York University shirt.

A bit of trivia: Sandler honed his stand up skills while attending NYU. In 1988 he graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Speaking of teams and shirts and Sandler movies. Sandler’s Just Go With It co-star, Jennifer Aniston, has appeared alongside her share of male counterparts whose characters show off their team loyalties. Our weekend Product Replacement Quiz wonders if you can remember the teams of three of Aniston’s co-stars.

1) In this comedy, Aniston’s weather man husband borrows the powers of God, but he still roots for this local hockey team.

2) The relationship eventually ended in a break up, but it started at a game for this team, one of Vaughn’s favorites.

3) And long before she was appearing on the big screen with Hollywood’s leading funny men, Aniston played football on this hugely popular show alongside a fan of this New York team.

And don’t forget that on February 22, Brandchannel will announce its annual Brandcameo Product Placement Awards. Please weigh in for the reader survey portion of the awards.


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