At the Movies: “Just Go With It” Mocks Apple With iMan


As we’ve noted, Adam Sandler and product placement go together like trauma to the testicles and, well, Adam Sandler. This week’s number one film, Sandler’s new comedy Just Go With It, has plenty of both. But it is especially generous with the product placement.

Perhaps most interesting, of the nearly 50 product and brand mentions or appearances, from Heineken to McDonald’s to Tommy Bahama, is the potshot studio Sony takes at Apple and its family of iDevices.[more]

Before we get to Sony’s Apple slicing, a look at the more interesting product placements that Just Go With It … well, just went with.

A shopping montage begins with a dig against Old Navy and then plows through luxury brand after luxury brand, including Jimmy Choos, YSL and Tiffany. Below, a scene set in Barney’s.

Heineken makes it into the film as the punchline of a joke, while a Stella Artois bottle makes one scene. But just about every other beer is a Budweiser or a Bud Light. Indeed, the first 15 minutes of the film play out not unlike a real Bud commercial, wherein a bumbling doofus (aka everyman Sandler) again and again romances beautiful women well out of his league.

Yum! Brands scores its second Sandler product placement film in a row. Just Go With It‘s tremendous Pizza Hut scene follows up the prominent KFC bucket gag from 2010’s Grown Ups. As Yum! is a spin-off of PepsiCo, it’s no surprise that the Pizza Hut scene also features a prominent Pepsi placement. This scene also offers the first of two product placement oddities in the film; when did Pizza Hut start serving beverages in cans?

The second product placement (and continuity) error comes later in the film, when Aniston describes her modest transportation, noting, “I drive a Honda.” But earlier in the film Aniston is clearly driving a Chevy Cruze.

The most eyebrow-raising product placement in Just Go With It is for Apple’s iPod. In one of the high points of the film, groovin’ rocker Dave Matthews cameos as a self-absorbed jerk married to one of the characters. His wealth, it transpires, was due to having “invented the iPod.” In one scene, Matthews answers his iPhone, “Go for the iMan.” Sandler and Co. relentlessly mock the charcater’s iPhoniness, using a Sony Ericsson handset to do so.

It’s noteworthy that, while no Sony Vaio appears in the film, one did make a prominent showing in promotional videos the stars did for the web.

We’ve noted before how the Sony Pictures film The Social Network featured Sony laptops in the film up until a scene in which a laptop needed to be smashed, for that an Apple Macbook was used.

And speaking of Facebook, the marketing campaign for Just Go With It included a Facebook-themed ad, even though Facebook plays no role in the film.

Wonder why Sony didn’t go with Frienderz instead?

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