Taiwan Takes Heart in New Branding Campaign


After a decade of “Taiwan, Touch Your Heart,” the Taiwan Tourism Bureau unveiled its new logo, slogan (“Taiwan — The Heart of Asia”) and brand campaign, starting with the 30-second spot above.[more]

From the press release:

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau officially launched a new brand for Taiwan’s tourism promotion—“Taiwan – The Heart of Asia”—on February 11. To celebrate the birth of this new brand, new logo, and new slogan, the Bureau also released a new Taiwan tourism promotional song and a 30-second promotional video. The new brand will help the Bureau to further develop international markets, opening a new era in Taiwan as the island continues striving to become one of the world’s top travel destinations.

The new brand was unveiled at a news conference hosted by Mao Chi-kuo, Minister of Transportation and Communications; Janice Seh-jen Lai, director general of the Tourism Bureau; and travel industry professionals. Minister Mao pointed out that the new logo signifies a new era in Taiwan tourism – one in which the Ministry and Bureau will adopt a broader vision in charting new development plans for promoting tourism in Taiwan. Tourism will become a vehicle for driving the development of a variety of new industries such as health care, agriculture, and green industries, giving them a channel for transforming their resources into tourism products. The new logo will also help raise the level of professionalism in Taiwan tourism, so that all the participants can work forward the goal of upgrading their industries and boosting Taiwan’s position in the world of tourism.

Tourism Bureau Director General Janice Seh-jen Lai said that in the 10 years since 2001, Taiwan has been promoting tourism under the slogan of “Taiwan, Touch Your Heart.” This effort has succeeded in projecting Taiwanese people’s friendliness and warmth to the world, and has raised Taiwan tourism to a new level. To welcome the advent of its new branding, the Tourism Bureau began soliciting advice and opinions from experts and scholars in various sectors of society beginning in 2009. Through numerous discussions and revisions, the Bureau finally decided on “Taiwan – The Heart of Asia” as its preferred logo. Both of these two logos, the old and the new, represent Taiwan’s determination and dedication to becoming a popular travel destination for international tourists.

The new “Taiwan – The Heart of Asia” logo is succinct, and consists of a newly created typeface. It represents the sincerity and innovation of Taiwan’s communications with the world. Taiwan is a fusion of tradition with new trends. Its special characteristics and diversity present what is precisely a microcosm of Asia. Asia’s heart and Taiwan’s warmth are what Taiwan tourism wants to offer tourists from around the world. In the future, all of the Bureau’s promotional material will carry the new logo.

Along with the launch of the new logo, the Bureau is presenting a new tune, “Time for Taiwan”, to promote tourism. It will become a new hit among all sectors in Taiwan that are promoting tourism – from government departments to tourism and related industries. The tune, which is composed by Hou Chih-chien, with lyrics by Rei Kuang-hsia and Hou Yi-ping, was launched together with a 30-second promotional cartoon at the same time as the new brand. We hope these new efforts will encourage everyone to recognize Taiwan Tourism’s new brand, new goal, and new mission.

Starting in March, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau will begin a publicity campaign for the new brand, with advertisements and commercials on CNN, BBC, Time, The Economist, Newsweek, and Monocle, as well as media in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and other countries. Later, the Bureau will promote a series of designs with the “heart” theme as their primary symbol. This will get the word out about the many charms of Taiwan.