With adiVerse, Adidas and Intel See the Future of Retail


In a partnership that resembles something out of Minority Report, Adidas and Intel are teaming up to create a 3D retail shopping experience: adiVerse, an interactive wall that displays up to 8,000 shoes — virtually — at a time.[more]

As the brand’s VP of global retail marketing Chris Aubrey demonstrates above, the state-of-the-art system recognizes the shopper’s gender in order to customize the selection before he or she engages with the display.

Customers can swipe through endless collections with just a touch of their fingertips. Shoppers can also rotate it into many angles, zero in on the products, pull up info and check out what people are saying through Twitter feeds.

Still in the concept/testing stage, Adidas aims to launch adiVerse in the UK with the 2012 Olympic Games. If they choose to license the technology, the 3D wall would benefit small retailers with a lack of space for displaying inventory, while also making the shopping experience fun and engaging.

The partners have been building up to adiVerse. Intel has been promoting its vision of “the connected store,” while Adidas tested a VirtualShop concept in 2008, wooing French shoppers in Marseilles to check out the brand’s footwear.