Coca-Cola Plugs Maroon 5 Fan Collaboration


Coke reminds fans that March 22nd marks a first for the brand: a live 24-hour songwriting session with Maroon 5, whose lead singer — Adam Levine — above discusses the project, in which he and his bandmates will collaborate virtually with fans on the new track, whech will be written and recorded in a day.

It’s all part of Coca-Cola’s music-focused marketing in 2011. Below, check out how the interactivity between the band, holed up in a London studio, and their fans will work.[more]

Fans’ submissions (in the form of words, pictures, comments, voting) will be projected onto a 3D interactive wall, which will enable the band to engage with fans’ suggestions and original content during the 24 hours recording session.

Fans will be able to influence and inspire Maroon 5’s new track through Twitter submissions using the #WithMaroon5 hashtag. The @CocaCola Twitter account will be used to keep fans informed about what is happening in the studio, invite inspiration as well as post updates and questions from the band. Also helping to spread the word and encourage participation, bloggers from nearly 20 countries will be onsite to keep their followers informed and involved in the process.


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