Nissan Raps Ford. Ford is Not Amused.


The rising car market in Brazil is leading to some intensifying competition among the multinational brands that lead the market there – including an uncommon direct attack by one auto maker against another.

Well, it’s not necessarily that much of an attack. The advertisement by Nissan’s unit in Brazil depicts a Ford Focus with bikini-clad women prancing around it. If you’re a Ford executive in that country – so far, so good.

The problem in the hilarious spot comes with a couple of rappers dressed like Ford engineers who boast to viewers about how much they’re ripping off Brazilian consumers because the Focus is overpriced.[more]

Showing off the bling they’ve bought with the company’s “windfall profits,” the faux Ford rappers rhyme (in Portuguese): “All the luxury that I got, I got it with your money. Don’t weep because you’re paying extra money – your money was well spent. Look what I do with it.”

The ad closes with a glimpse of the competitive Nissan Tiida (similar to a Versa in the U.S. market) and boasts of a price that amounts to $1,806 less than for the Brazilian Ford Focus.

Unamused Ford executives filed for a court injunction against Nissan to get the ad off the air, citing “improper brand use.” The ad indeed disappeared from the national airwaves a few weeks ago. 

Ford is the fourth-selling auto brand in Brazil. Relative newcomer Nissan is still in 12th place. Which company sold more cars as a result of the ad and subsequent publicity? Maybe there’s a reason that Nissan is in 12th.


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