Petite Lap Giraffe: A Tiny Viral Marketing Success


“WELCOME to world wide famous Sokoblovsky Farms. The best and only breeders of Petite Lap Giraffes.” Yes, you have now entered the world of

So is a petite lap giraffe a real animal? Of course not. It’s a clever viral marketing campaign for DirecTV, America’s biggest satellite cable TV provider.[more]

Remember last year’s commercial for Direct TV starring a rich Russian who “also likes saving zee money?” Then you may recall the tiny giraffe, about the size of a small lap dog, that he pecks with a little kiss at the end of the spot.

The website features photos, an about page, and even a “live camera feed” of the Sokoblovsky Farm on the homepage, which shows a tiny giraffe grazing and coming in and out of frame — more unseen than seen, in fact, which adds to the authenticity.

At night, the giraffe is seen snoozing. The mock webcam feed loop even includes glitches with Russian text, while the site is written in slightly broken English (or can be viewed in Russian) to add to the mystery.

According to a blog post by Ian Dennis Miller, who also owns the site, and the website, which can be used to look up info on domain names, the domain is registered to a Grey, the global advertising and marketing agency.

Nowhere on the site does it point out that these animals are not real, in fact, many people are blogging about it with titles like “Petite Lap Giraffes, are they real?”  To add on to the curiosity about these little furry creatures, you can put yourself on a waiting list to receive one. So far there are more than half a million people “on the list” (activated by clicking on the “I Want Giraffe” button), so this campaign is seeing some good results. 

It’s all in support of DirecTV’s humorous series of ads — watch the most recent one here to watch for the giraffe running on a treadmill behind “Gregor”: