Carlsberg Brings Digital Sleight of Brand to Global Campaign


To the moon and back, Carlsberg! The screen-shot above shows what happens when you click on Carlsberg’s YouTube channel.

UK digital agency Skive’s sleight of brand tweaks Carlsberg’s new campaign now being rolled out worldwide, recalling VW’s YouTube foolery for the new Beetle.

It’s Carlsberg’s first global digital initiative and features content for YouTube and Facebook, all echoing the new tagline, ‘That Calls for a Carlsberg.’[more]

On YouTube all the TV commercials and other video clips produced for the relaunch are available, but it’s the Facebook page that caught our attention.

The Facebook application invites users to type in a transmission, upload a photo – and send a message to your mates from the moon using text-to-voice and face mapping.

David Robertson, VP of Marketing Activation at Carlsberg, said: “Skive has done an amazing job extending our Carlsberg brand idea into the digital realm with a campaign that brings the fun and humour of ‘That Calls for a Carlsberg’ to life in a way that will really engage consumers,” in the official press release.

Louis Clement, Creative Partner at Skive, said: “The digital campaign will support the new television advertising, ensuring that it reaches audiences who spend their time online.”  

One small note from earth to Carlsberg marketers! Please check your spelling on initiative and proofread: “On you can watch all the TV commercials and other video clips produced for tha relaunch of the Carlsbegr brand.”

Or maybe it’s the gravitational pull from that YouTube monkeywrenching…?