Hot Pockets Sideshots Spot Grosses Out Viewers


It’s been a while since we felt the need to make a direct call to a brand to cease a campaign, but… Hot Pockets, for the love of all that’s holy, please stop the “sideshows” campaign. IT IS FREAKING PEOPLE OUT!

We’re not interested in naming names, but somebody somewhere thought the above commercial — created by the usually terrific team at Aardman Animation in the UK — would be a good promotion for the Nestle-owned brand. As my wife said, “Is that their guts? That’s their guts isn’t it? That’s disgusting.” She is not alone.[more]

The goal of the ad is to expose the differences in Hot Pocket ingredients… we assume. It could not possible do a worse job accomplishing this goal. (Hot Pockets, please don’t take that as a challenge.)

The ads, a cross between the anthropomorphized M&M campaign and the old Lamisil “Digger” campaigns, are meant to promote the Hot Pockets “Sideshots” products, “mini soft-baked sandwiches” which “may help you understand why grandma always said, ‘You’re so cute I just want to eat you up.'”

I also showed my grandma the commercial (no kidding). Her response: “Why are those cartoons’ intestines falling out?”

Hot Pockets, we implore you. Enough!