Tropicanada: Jane Krakowski Pitches Trop50 North of the Border


Canada has long had a love affair with all things Floridian, including orange juice. 

Now Tropicana, Canada’s leading juice brand, is promoting its Trop50 sub-brand — positioned as a vitamin-enhanced juice beverage, naturally sweetened with Reb-A derived from the stevia plant — with the help of an actress who plays a Floridian on TV … at least, part-time.[more]

Jane Krakowski’s Jenna Maroney character on NBC’s 30 Rock lives in New York and owns a condo in Clearwater, FL, although it’s the actress’s bubbly personality that made her a perfect match for the Trop50 Canadian campaign.

The two-time Emmy nominee and Tony Award-winner stars in a new series of “Girlfriend” spots that tout Trop50’s three varieties (Orange No Pulp, Orange Some Pulp and Farmstand Apple), all packaged in 100% clear, recyclable plastic carafes. 

The campaign promotes the goodness of juice with 50% less sugar and calories and no artificial sweeteners, which launched in the US in September with a spot called “Gooder,” that features Krakowski’s real-life friend, TV writer Kay Cannon as one of the girlfriends:

Krakowski essentially plays a version of her vain Maroney character, with her humor helping the spots connect with the target audience: women 26-44.

It’s part of a concerted effort by parent company PepsiCo to undo any confusion created in 2009, when Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice made headlines in a redesigned carton that lost the familiar symbol of an orange pierced by a straw – causing consumer outcry and making national headlines.

“Trop50 beverages are really about giving consumers more of what they want and less of what they don’t, and the creative marketing campaign speaks to that in a fun, entertaining way,” says Sassan Jahan, VP Marketing in the official press release.

The campaign was created by the UK’s Contagious Content, with BBDO on creative duties, adapting the US campaign to the Canadian marketplace. Additional credit to Proximity for the digital execution on Facebook, OMD for media buy, and PraxisPR for the campaign’s public relations. The spots were directed by Made of Honor’s Paul Weiland.

Think of the campaign as Jenna Maroney meets Sex and the City‘s Samantha Jones meets Desperate Housewives meets Bravo’s The Real Housewives… with a dash of zest for good fun!