Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Swag a Drag for Dan Aykroyd


Disney’s marketing juggernaut for the fourth installment in its franchise leviathan Pirates of the Carribean is picking up steam, including such items as a nail polish tie-in with OPI (no, really). The latest promo was a package mailed to influential film bloggers like Slashfilm.com (above) and Comingsoon.net.

In addition to a packet of conceptual artwork and typical talking points, the swag package contained a glass skull bottle. A bottle that looks extremely familiar.[more]

More than a few commentators have noted that the Disney promo item is an exact replica (if not just an empty working version) of the bottle used by Crystal Head Vodka, a brand that retails in the US for about $45. (Read our profile here.)

The novelty bottles are the brand’s strong differentiator. A weaker—albeit more interesting—differentiator is that the brand was co-founded by comedian Dan Aykroyd, best known for his days on Saturday Night Live and as a Blues Brother and Ghostbuster.

The bottle is the creation of Italian glassworks specialist Bruni Glass, which is so proud of its handiwork that it made this promotional video:

It’s entirely possible that Disney contracted with Bruni for the Pirates skull bottles. Nonetheless, it raises questions about whether or not Disney marketers were aware the skull bottle was a “trademark” of the vodka brand — an accidental but verboten alcohol reference for the king of kiddy marketing.