Coca-Cola Open Happiness Campaign Keeps on Rolling


Coca-Cola’s Open Happiness campaign that launched with a musical splash during American Idol in 2009 has taken its message on the road with a CLIO award-winning Happiness Machine with a sense of humor; a Happiness Truck, dispensing soft drinks and fun items in Brazil and beyond; and a Happiness Store, offering convenience and smiles (also in Brazil).

Another variation: the Friendship Machine, an elongated version of its Happiness Machine — 11 feet tall, so that people have to help each other get the coin in the slot, with the payoff of getting two drinks for the price of one.[more] 

The Friendship Machine or La Máquina de la Amistad spot was designed to debut during Argentina’s “El Dia del Amigo” (Friendship Day) last July:

In Korea, meanwhile, Coca-Cola is promoting its Open Happiness campaign with a musical contest through April 30th, inviting fans to submit their own takes on the 2pm campaign anthem below, for a “We Sing Together” virtual sing-in that connects the dots with its teen-centric Coca-Cola Music global push:


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