Woe Canada! UFC Goes Funny In Fight Vs. NHL


To promote UFC 129 on Saturday, April 30, UFC decided against showing breaking bones, and instead appealed to fans’ funny bones. The video, starring UFC legend “Executive Iceman” Chuck Liddell, features inside jokes about Liddell’s earlier knockout and longtime rival Tito Otiz. And, as you’ll see above, it features a great deal of Apple product placement.[more]

The UFC fight will be live from Toronto, which is creating a bit of a quandary for Canadian sports fans as the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs will also be live Saturday night. The playoffs, at time of writing, still include two Canadian teams — Vancouver and Montreal. The UFC fight organizers are hoping to fill a record 55,000 seats.

But UFC’s problems could be solved, as both Canadian hockey teams face elimination in today’s games. A loss by both would clear the way for an uncontested UFC 129.

Canada’s The National Post newspaper, helpfully, has published a handy side-by-side comparison of the NHL vs. the UFC.


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