Obama on Birth Certificate Flap: “We Do Not Have Time for this Kind of Silliness”


In a move designed to quiet his critics and move the national conversation back to more pressing issues, President Obama this morning presented his longform birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii at a press conference. It was a move that will-he-or-won’t-he? political muckraker and potential presidential aspirant, billionaire/entertainer Donald Trump, took credit for.[more]

As ABC News notes above, Trump said at a pitstop in New Hampshire today, he’s “very proud” for forcing an issue that most people already knew was a non-issue.

As the New Yorker editor David Remnick commented in a column titled “Trump, Birtherism and Race-Baiting,” “what Trump has done…is a conscious form of race baiting, of fear mongering.” 

Trump, meanwhile, is moving on — to questioning Obama’s school records, as ABC’s Jake Tapper notes above, while Tea Party supporters are finding other bones to pick with the president.