Branding The Royal Wedding: Today is All About Royale with Cheese


Back in 1981, the Office of Lord Chamberlain sent out a small collection of “acceptable” designs to use on commemorative items for the royal wedding.

According to the Associated Press report on April 1st of that year, these designs included “Lover’s knots, the names of Charles and Diana, a picture of St. Paul’s Cathedral… and the British flag, the Union Jack.” It continues, “manufacturers were told the faces of the young couple should not be used on any articles of clothing except headscarves.”

The piece added that most British manufacturers comply with the royal request despite that “the ban has no legal force.” Of course, foreign manufacturers had no compunctions about the royals, leading to 70 members of Parliament introducing a motion to revoke the ban so that domestic producers would be as competitive as foreign counterparts.

30 years later, things are a little different.

These days, capitalizing on the royal wedding doesn’t involve the word “taste.” Unless of course you mean the taste of the royal wedding-themed heart-shaped donuts offered at select Dunkin’ Donuts or its sibling brand Baskin-Robbins‘ Royal Wedding ice cream cake or the grotesquely hammy Will and Kate Papa John’s pizza.[more]

Not to be outdone, Dominos is offering a Royal Wedding Deal. The “buy one get one free” deal may commemorate the fact that Prince Harry and Kate’s sister are the best man and maid of honor.

British brewers are having a field day with the royal nuptials. It’s recommended that one starts with Castle Rock’s  “Kiss Me Kate” ale before moving on to the “Royal Virility,” which contains “herbal viagra.” Don’t forget the “Crown Jewels,” Will and Kate-commemorative “Condoms of Distinction.” Just “Lie back and think of England.”

You know the edition of The Royal Wedding for Dummies is legit as it’s written by the same author as British Politics for Dummies. Plus, he’s a Knight.

Who says American politics and British monarchy don’t mix? Get that angry taxpaying friend of yours a Prince William & “KaTea” “Royaltea” Royalty Tea Bags Gift Set.

Not to be outdone, Twinings is also offering a special-tea collection for royal fans.

Above and at top, Toys R Us is selling a Princess Catherine doll in a box — an apt metaphor for life as a royal, some might argue.

A special-edition Pez set, auctioned on eBay, put the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge in a box.

New Balance created one-of-a-kind royal wedding kicks for a Facebook marketing stunt.

GE’s UK appliance distributor created this epic fridge to demonstrate their customizable range. And awesome good taste.

British newspaper The Times created a souvenir Royal Wedding iPad app.

In an ingenious bit of spin, the UK’s Wizard Jeans brand announced that Kate Middleton will “look amazing in Wizard’s Classic White, Stonewash Blue and the new low-crop Hipster jeans, which are to be launched in July.” The jeans were merely delivered to Middleton’s hotel.

A British plumber got his front teeth tattooed with the royal couple’s likenesses:

Posh wallpaperie Graham & Brown‘s crowning achievement in the field is the “opulent Crowns and Coronets wallpaper:

Kate & Wills also inspired artists to capture their likeness in coffee and jelly beans.

Is Will gambling with Kate? Well you can join him! Golden Palace Online Casino is running a royal wedding promo. So is 888 Casino. Meanwhile, Ruby Bingo is set to announce its Royal Wedding Winner.

Facebook game “Rabbids” shows its respects.

Finally, what’s a British wedding without Pimms?

For more royal tack inspired by the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, click here.


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