Hopscout: A Groupon for Grown-Ups’ Inner Kids


Can a daily deal website be classically retro and digitally au courant? 

Yes, says Hopscout, as it launches with an enticing employment opportunity: they’re seeking five new editors (moms and dads) to join their team and become a Stay-at-Home Millionaire.

The site for classic children’s products features one item each day at a discount of up to 70%. Each daily deal lasts 24 hours or until inventory sells out.[more]

The first month’s launch line-up of brands includes Lego, Kettler, Penguin Books (DK division), Eco Kids and wooden toy maestros Melissa & Doug.

Previously known as the invitation-only LilLuxe, that model has been replaced by open access and the new Hopscout deals site, created in collaboration with agencytwofifteen.

Their philosophy: “Ever walk down the street and see a kid with something that makes you go ‘Ooh, where’d you get that?’ … In addition to choosing unique products tested for safety and durability, we like to be sure they’ll pass the hand-me-down test as well. We keep it real – we’re all about the originals, as well as those new products that will be around long enough to be called The Original one day.”

The Stay-at-Home Millionaire offer is billed as offering competitive pay, stock options, a MacBook Air and a college fund for candidates’ children. Interested parents can upload a video that answers the question: “How has being a parent prepared you to become an editor at hopscout?”

The response to the job search/launchpad on the site’s Facebook page has attracted responses such as: “I almost want to cry with excitement about the job opportunity; what a great chance for mothers to do what they already do every day and get paid for it…”

Today’s Hopscout deal: Karito Kids Doll for $39.95. Choose from Ling, Pita, Lulu, Zoe, Gia and Piper (or collect them all!), as “Featured in O, The Oprah Magazine! Let little ones explore other cultures and give back with beautiful dolls from Karito Kids.” 

And the accompanying mom-approved video review: 

Stay-at-Home Millionaire is just the beginning. “We’re confident that putting purposeful creativity into practice will help differentiate them from other flash sale sites in the space and grow their brand,” said Scott Duchon, partner and executive creative director, agencytwofifteen.

Hopscout’s formula of vintage products that tap into childhood experiences bridges the gap between then and now in a timeless tableau of digitally savvy deals.