NESCAFÉ Steams Up Facebook with Latte Fun


Every brand and their dog has a Facebook page these days. Realizing the competition’s stiff to stand out, NESCAFÉ is launching its FB US page debut with a game.

Its “Play With Your Coffee” app is a multi-feature campaign that mirrors the single-serve coffee system’s options which include 15 bar internal pressure, user-controlled coffee strength, temperature and milk content – all for the serious home barista.

“Latte Yourself” riffs on the beverage’s distinctive swirly design — creating a caffeinated, foamy portrait that can be tweeted, posted to users’ Facebook walls, or downloaded for a “mochafied” portrait. (Don’t believe there’s an art to coffee? Click here for a coffee artist who’s riffing on the Royal Wedding in her latest work — come to think of it, the portrait above does resemble Kate Middleton…)[more]

Same page, different tab, there’s a sweepstakes dangling one Piccolo Dolce Gusto machine, retailing for $99.99, per week through June 30; entry in the contest only requires “liking” (or in this case, “licking”) the brand’s FB page.

Another game features a word scramble that jumbles the product name:

Food bloggers including SteamyKitchen, Adam Roberts (“The Amateur Gourmet”) and GoodLifeEats will contribute original recipes and tips every Wednesday, such as Bittersweet Mocha Mousse, followed by Coffee Granita. 

The campaign was created by Cleveland ad agency Marcus Thomas to increase brand awareness and word-of-mouth mentions.

For passionate coffee lovers with limited kitchen space, Dolce Gusto is a small but powerful product and now it’s a brand with a savory social media aroma.


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