Missed Opp: The Mystery Jacket Obama Wore To Take Out Bin Laden


Politicians and their parties, media blunderbusses and their cable brand bullhorns, bloggers and your Uncle Joe — they’re all fighting to capitalize on the Osama bin Laden shot-in-the-head story. But what about commercial products?

In January 2010, the Weatherproof apparel brand found itself in a storm of criticism after it used a photo of Obama wearing one of its products on a giant Times Square billboard. Weatherproof did not have the proper clearances from the White House to use the photo for the ad, and was forced to take it down, and replaced it with a billboard featuring Abraham Lincoln.

Looking at the now iconic photo from the bin Laden mission, it appears some lucky jacket brand could be advertising its product as “The Coat Worn By the Man Who Ordered the Death of Osama bin Laden.” Too bad we don’t know who makes it. Or do we?[more]

The resolution on the most famous photo of the event does not reveal the brand.

Is that another Weatherproof? Who knows. But whatever company made the coat Obama was wearing when he took down the Mastermind of 9/11™®, is missing a real opportunity. Just think about all the consumers who would love to asnwer the question “What brand jacket is that?” with “Oh, this? This is a ______, what Obama was wearing when he took out Bin Laden.”

In the meantime, those who want to dress like President Badass can take direction from one of the photos from an earlier planning session about the mission.

Yes, when the President just did it, he really “just did it.” (Yes, Nike, you have my permission to use “Just Did It” on your Obama advertising without credit. You’re welcome.)

It’s also noteworthy that while bin Laden had no preference, buying both Coke and Pepsi, Obama is clearly a brand-loyal soda drinker. It seems Obama wanted Osama to have a Coke and a smile and a world class, heavily armed special black ops international terrorist killing team.

Though, we still want to know what brand of jacket that is in the situation room photo. Anyone?


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