Tassimo Mother’s Day Viral Hopes For Old Spice Guy Buzz


Single serving coffee brand Tassimo is taking a page from the Old Spice Guy’s well-thumbed viral playbook with its 2011 Mother’s Day promotion.

In a series of YouTube videos, Tassimo singers reply with personal Mother’s Day messages for consumers. The videos address Julie, Jennifer, Elizabeth and other moms whose digi-kids get a kick out of this kind of thing.[more]

A few examples:

While Tassimo itself is an international brand, the viral campaign is the work of the brand’s Canadian arm, which (like the US) celebrates Mother’s Day on Sunday. Entries for the video can be made through the brand’s Facebook page.

The personalized viral is reminiscent of how the Old Spice Guy campaign last year shot fast, quippy responses to Twitter users:

Of course, the difference was that Old Spice was leveraging an already stupendously popular and loved campaign to drill down to a new, unplumbed level of viral.

Tassimo’s singers, while a good idea, lack this initial widespread popularity on which to capitalize. Yet, it’s a refreshingly creative approach to doing something different and memorable, although it also reminds us of Orange’s singing tweetagram campaign.

Launched in France in 2004, Tassimo represents a range of coffee makers that use brand-specific coffee pod “T-Discs.” Kraft, Braun and Bosch have all at one time or another released Tassimo-compliant machines, though Bosch appears to be the only major manufacturer left truly invested in the brand.

Tassimo took a blow recently when its partner Kraft ended its cooperative marketing agreement with Starbucks, a move the eliminated the Tazo, Starbucks and Seattle’s Best brands from Tassimo’s product offerings.


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