Trump Golf Biz First To Suffer Trump Prez Biz


Above all, Donald Trump prides himself on being an exceptional businessman. In fact, one of his core criticisms of the current leader is that he doesn’t know how to do a deal, saying in one interview “I’m a deal man. I make hundreds and hundreds of deals and transactions. [President Obama] never did deals before.”

So then, just what kind of a business impact would a Trump presidency have on, say, Trump’s signature golf courses? We already know.[more]

Trump calls himself the “the foremost golf course developer in the world… committed to creating the finest portfolio of award-winning courses.” There are now ten courses in places like L.A., West Palm Beach, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. In typical Trump style, the organization claims its courses are spread “throughout North America, Europe, and the Caribbean,” even though the only two international spots are in Puerto Rico and Scotland.

Trump’s courses are, as expected, top notch. But what would happen if the Trump name were to become highly politicized, dragged through the press on a daily basis, upsetting one key (wealthy) group or another?

One membership representive we contacted declined to comment “at this time.”

Given that Trump’s courses are almost all private, it might seem unlikely that a politicization of his name would have much of a positive impact on his business. But it’s already happened.

In April, the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey canceled its golf classic event at the Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia to protest Donald Trump’s hissy fit over President Obama’s birth certificate. That’s lost business. (Though some have suggested Trump might be okay with this particular loss.)

Speaking of golf and ostracizing potential voters and golfers, Trump recently told a Republican women’s group that gay marriage was like “these really long putters, very unattractive.” Groups such as the Stonewall Golfers are likely to remember such a remark come election time… and when it’s time to choose a location for its next tournament, such as the Rainbow Challenge.

The course that would be most threatened by a business falloff would be the Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles, the only public course under the gold Trump medallion. It’s a location that has not always seen eye to eye with The Donald on management.

Trump may have more to worry about overseas. As a matter of international relations, a Trump presidency would automatically sit poorly with many Scots. Below, a trailer for the documentary Donald Trump’s Golf War, about the controversy over his Scotland course.