The Lady Gaga Judas Video Product Placement Surprise


The hottest video in rotation is currently Lady Gaga’s Judas. With as much style as it lacks sense — it’s a muddled religious metaphor; all you need to know is she’s a Harley-loving Mary Magdalene, as her new album cover tipped off fans — it’s characteristically Gaga.

Plus, unlike recent videos of fellow pop divas Britney Spears and J.Lo, it appears Gaga has eschewed the overt product placement of last year’s Telephone — apart from the Harley Davidson bikes that open the video, and the Schott Perfecto leather motorcycle jackets — for brand cameos that would be more recognizable to fashion cognoscenti.

As the Haus of Gaga’s creative director/stylist Nicola Formichetti notes on his Tumblr, the video’s fashion credits include Thierry Mugler, vintage Christian Lacroix, Alexander McQueen shoes and a Versace bracelet that was a gift from her Japanese fans.

Judas also contains one prominent product placement that might surprise fans of the songbird who sports a peace sign tattoo on her wrist. [more]

As we’ve noted before, the Desert Eagle handgun is the firearm that has most benefitted from Hollywood product placement over the last 20 years. In Judas we see Lady Gaga wielding a Haus of Gaga-modified monster hand cannon in gold (as for the lipstick, we’re guessing MAC?)

The gold Desert Eagle has been seen prominently before, most notably as Demi Moore’s weapon in Charlie’s Angels 2.

But given the gun’s, ahem, huge phallic appearance, it is also a common firearm brand placed in the hands of (often scantily clad) female characters.

Meanwhile, one of the most watched “firearm” videos on YouTube is what happens when a slight woman fires the legendarily huge, 4.5 pound monster.

The video even inspired an official website,

First available in 1982, the handgun made its Hollywood debut in 1985’s Year of the Dragon in the hands of actor Mickey Rourke. Ironically, four years later, the first Glock would appear onscreen… in the hands of Mickey Rourke in Johnny Handsome.

Recently, Desert Eagle moved away from its fame as as a huge gun to offer a new “Micro Desert Eagle.


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