Diesel Brand Stranded on Stupid Island


Fashion brand Diesel is sticking with its “be stupid” campaign. In fact, it’s stranded on an island of stupid.[more] 

Diesel Island is an extension of the fashion brand’s “be stupid” campaign that launched last year.

“The land of the stupid and home of the brave” is a fictional island Diesel created to extend the “be stupid” campaign to the next illogical social media level. Via Facebook, users can become residents of the island community and even participate in government, where any one of them may even be elected president. The island is billed as “the least fu*ked up country in the world” where “we won’t adopt any system ending in ‘ism.'”

By all means, go check it out for yourself.

While projects like Diesel Island are certainly good diigtal exercises to keep the creative muscles flexed, it’s questionable exactly what it does for the brand. In fact, going deeper down the stupid hole seems to be an inexplicable brand strategy, communicating nothing about the brand. The initial campaign may have been eye-catching and buzzworthy for its… stupidity, but such a dynamic extension of stupid doesn’t really seem to have a brand strategy behind it.

Stupid Island tie-ins include “Diesel School of Island Life” events accessible only with a “Diesel Island Passport” available at Diesel stores.

Below, a couple of the promotional YouTube videos from the campaign. (Warning: Some NSFW language, as well as some boringness.)

Apparently some kind of commentary on the sociopolitical state of the world, it’s the modern day “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” as imagined as a Daily Show with Jon Stewart segment.

Has political sarcasm ever successfully branded consumer products?

Appropriately, the campaign just won a Dope Award.


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