Butterfinger Taps Rob Lowe to Direct Mock Horror Movie


Yes, you read that headline correctly. In its first foray into branded entertainment, Butterfinger (you know: the candy brand) has asked Rob Lowe to direct a 25-minute short film, titled Butterfinger the 13th, that will debut on Oct. 13th, just in time for Halloween. Watch its Facebook page for details on how the actor (and now director) plans to incorporate the public into his shoot this summer.[more]

Just as Royal Caribbean recently paid James Brolin and Jenny McCarthy to direct and star in short films, Butterfinger is hoping that the recent Vanity Fair cover subject’s rising star will burnish its brand, too.

According to the Nestle-owned candy brand’s press release, Lowe says he signed on because “Butterfinger’s history with irreverent comedy drew me to this really unique, fun project. As an artist, I get to explore the world of horror movie-making with a comedic twist. It’s going to be a psychological thriller that will leave you laughing.”

His “comedy-horror will bring to life Butterfinger’s ‘Nobody’s Gonna Lay A Finger’ tagline while warning fans that ‘You Can’t Scream With Your Mouth Full.’ Butterfinger the 13th will take its audience on a perilous journey with the film’s hero, whose paranoia leads him to believe that someone wants to lay a finger… in more ways than one.”

“Butterfinger is always looking to deliver new and exciting entertainment experiences for fans, mixed in with a heavy dose of clever fun,” commented Butterfinger spokesperson Tricia Bowles. “With Rob Lowe behind the camera for this humorously horrific masterpiece, Butterfinger the 13th is sure to be a hit, and we can’t wait for Butterfinger fans everywhere to be scared funny.”


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