Warner Bros. and Range Rover Evoque Interest with Viral Interactives


The hot trend these days for reaching digi-savvy consumers: prove your brand’s digital savvy by attaching it to a smart (and it had better be smart) interactive/viral/digital marketing promotion.

Innovative new interactive campaigns for Warner Bros. next installment in the Batman movie franchise, The Dark Knight Rises, and Range Rover’s new digital push for the Victoria Beckham-styled Evoque, are prime examples of how to do it right.[more]

The Dark Knight Rises campaign takes interactive to the next level.  For the fans who don’t want to go through great leaps and bounds to find out what it is, here it is explained (to put it bluntly: Spoiler Alert!)

The Dark Knight Rises website launched late last week, containing quite the secret. The landing page is a black screen, with the only “content” an audible clue: mysterious chanting. If you were feeling adventurous and deciphered the code, then props. Opening the clip using audio editing software reveals that the audio spectrum spells out #thefirerises, which Twitter users would recognize as a hashtag.  

Click on it and you’ll be taken to the the twitter feed @TheFireRises, which links to back to the Dark Knight Rises website, only this time to a page that features a teaser image, at top, of the new Dark Knight Rises supervillain Bane.

Look closely, however, and you’ll see the picture (at first) is made up of little avatars, or profile pictures of people on Facebook and Twitter who checked out the website.

It’s a clever effort by Warner Bros. to generate buzz among its web-head fans, and follows on other other viral interactives (including for Inception) in the past. 

The Range Rover Evoque campaign is another great interactive piece — Being Henry, so-called because the viewer gets to (in shades of Being John Malkovich) “be” Henry.  

Henry is the star of a short film that you, the viewer, control.  From being next to a dumpster while his grandmother shoots at rats to stumbling all over town, you decide how the adventure goes.  

The idea is that what happens to Henry is completely up to you, as is the Evoque that you get to design. Watch the video below, and check out the interactive experience at helloevoque.com/beinghenry.