Brand Bites: Dodge, Sonic, Apple & more


Dodge puts new spin on the “pro driver, closed course” blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fine print of car commercials, above.

Black MacBook costs more than the white MacBook garners “Manhattan Apple Store Accused of Discriminating Against Black Men” headline.

Apple, meanwhile, sues teen who made white iPhone conversion kit.[more]

“Made in America” bib is made in China, but not by Gap.

Bayer sexual harassment lawsuit gets uglier.

Eight great commercials featuring writers as pitchmen.

“Aye don’t think so!” rebranding suggestion of the week: “Could Scotland be Northern Europe’s Caribbean?

The latest point and shoot: the Canon cannon —

Google Maps City Slogans

Borders, bankrupt, ends cafe deal with Seattle’s Best.

Ads are edible now — VW ones anyway.

Best error pages on the web misses YouTube‘s.

ESPN expose now the #1 book on

“Out of deference to the Navy,” Disney drops trademark application for “Seal Team Six.” 

Signs the Recession is Over #718: StndAir, the Standard Hotel’s private water plane, now flies guests from NYC to The Hamptons.

Hershey drops trademark claim against Mars.

Spin magazine declares legal war on @Spin Twitter account.

Toyota answers nature’s call:

Hot Wheels makes Brand Bites want to be 8 again:

“This is How You Soniccampaign makes out with Oreo:

The First Ladies of Sesame Street:

Westpac lays guilt trip on impulsive Kiwis: